Hazel Dooney
Saturday, 14 July 2018

Two classic examples of Hazel Dooney's work will be offered at auction by Menzies Art Brands on 9th August. Lot 23, Modern Strategies for Survival (Lake Eyre on Acid Series) 2003 is a large, high gloss enamel painting with reflective vinyl on custom-made board. Lot 57, Career Babe: Fire Fighter 2004 is a restrained, minimalist (yet provocative) drawing in acid-free pigment ink on 100% cotton paper. Both works were acquired from the artist and have been held in the collection of Brian Tucker. You can view the online catalogue here.
Une Déclaration
Thursday, 21 September 2017

"The expected life story of a woman like me is simple: burn bright and go down in flames, consumed by insanity. The End. I refuse to accept this as the story of my life. Dooney Lives is a defiant declaration of intent and a voyeuristic invitation to watch me." – Hazel Dooney

The first artworks from Hazel's new, ongoing autobiographical series titled Dooney Lives are featured in Issue No. 104 of French online magazine, Plateform. As the series develops, details of new works will be posted on Instagram – alongside glimpses of the artist's life.
Natural High, Babe
Friday, 11 August 2017

Career Babe: High Court Judge was sold at Menzies' recent Australian & International Fine Art & Sculpture auction for $A17,182 in total. The result exceeded the estimate of $A12,000 - $A16,000. You can view more details of the sale and the artist's attitude toward the secondary market here.

Portrait of Hazel Dooney by Bruce Usher

2018 Digital photograph, dimensions variable.

"It may be true that a picture is worth a thousand words, because if there's one thing... Hazel Dooney has been criticised for time and time again, it's saying too much."
Peppermint Magazine
, Australia, 2013

“Hazel’s independent, outspoken stance on various feminist and creative issues has elevated her as a courageous, provocative and highly successful artist.”

Robert Doyle, the Right Honourable Lord Mayor of Melbourne, Australia, 2013

"Hazel Dooney isn’t for everybody and that’s what I always liked about her."
Wired.com, USA, 2012

"Dooney has both extraordinary depth as an artist and a sound painterly technique."
Vogue Australia, 2007

"Hazel Dooney walks the razor's edge between respect and celebrity in today's artworld."

Australian Financial Review, Australia, 2006

"These works carry the subversive and slick trademarks of contemporary consumer culture. Her work comes across as an intense exploration of personal eroticism filtered through a candy-coloured palette."
The Sunday Age Agenda, The Age, 2004

"Peter Booth, Hazel Dooney... Jeffrey Smart are all members of a select breed of artist who, for the benefit of all concerned, cast a somewhat critical and even destructive eye over their artwork. These artists do not turn out bad art."
– Michael Reid, The Weekend Australian, Australia, 2003