Hazel Dooney
Friday, February 28, 2014

Two works from Hazel Dooney’s 2010 series of paintings, Big Pin-Ups, went under the hammer at Lawson Menzies’ Quarterly Fine Art Auction in Sydney, on 27th February. The first, Big Pin-Up: Miss March, 152cm x 180cm, in high gloss enamel on canvas, was sold for $A16,250 (the pre-sale estimate was $A15,000 to $A20,000). The second, a study in gouache on cotton, cold-pressed paper, 48cm x 30.5cm, for Big Pin-Up: Miss January, sold for $A3,500.
Sunday, November 24, 2013

For the past week, Hazel Dooney has been in Melbourne, supervising the production of her largest work to date, a monochromatic mural titled Ten Dicta For Young Women Who Are Artists. Spanning half a city block, it was commissioned by Robert Doyle, the Right Honourable Lord Mayor of Melbourne and is Dooney's first public work. It reflects the artist's recent move away from figurative painting to text-based, polemical 'interventions' inspired by her engagement with social media.


2013 High gloss enamel on canvas, 100cm x 150cm.

“Hazel’s independent, outspoken stance on various feminist and creative issues has elevated her as a courageous, provocative and highly successful artist.”
Robert Doyle, the Right Honourable Lord Mayor of Melbourne, Australia, 2013

"It may be true that a picture is worth a thousand words, because if there's one thing... Hazel Dooney has been criticised for time and time again, it's saying too much."
Peppermint Magazine
, Australia, 2013

"Hazel Dooney isn’t for everybody and that’s what I always liked about her."
, USA, 2012

"...her work has become some of Australia’s most coveted. At once confronting, thought-provoking and unabashedly voyeuristic, her works flirt between the genres of pop, punk, erotica and just a hint of manga."

Map, Australia, 2011

"Her work... has been the cause of much controversy, and her outspoken persona and direct involvement often blur the line between artist and art."
Stated, USA, 2011

"Hazel personifies an alluring, punk rock, mischievous, genius artist... She is the outsider that everyone wants to be connected with."
, USA, 2011

"Hazel Dooney grabs life by the shoulders and headbutts it...  She is utterly uncompromising."
The Zone, from The Age, Australia, 2010

"Dooney has both extraordinary depth as an artist and a sound painterly technique." 
Vogue Australia, Australia, 2007

"Hazel Dooney walks the razor's edge between respect and celebrity in today's artworld."
Australian Financial Review, Australia, 2006