Hazel Dooney
Thursday, July 21, 2016

Dooney Lives is an ongoing autobiographical series told in bite-sized pieces, inspired by the artist's long engagement with social media. Hazel Dooney's first major text-based work (and first public artwork), Ten Dicta For Young Women Who Are Artists, is a set of polemical interventions. In contrast, Dooney Lives is intimate, diaristic, raw and revelatory. The fragmented narrative explores and defies the expected life story of a 'troubled' woman. More info' about Dooney Lives here.
Monday, July 11, 2016

A Lo-Res Letter To You is an experimental public artwork by Hazel Dooney: a series of impromptu drawings-on-photo’s, created and delivered daily via Snapchat to the 'million-fold audience of just one'. More information about the series and how to view it in 'real time' via Snapchat is available here. In response to requests, an archive of the series is at fromhazel.tumblr.com. New images are added regularly, a week after they were sent as Snaps.

From the series Dooney Lives 

2016 Lead pencil on 300gsm watercolour paper, each work is 15.5 x 12cm (6.10 x 4.72").

“Hazel’s independent, outspoken stance on various feminist and creative issues has elevated her as a courageous, provocative and highly successful artist.”
Robert Doyle, the Right Honourable Lord Mayor of Melbourne, Australia, 2013

"It may be true that a picture is worth a thousand words, because if there's one thing... Hazel Dooney has been criticised for time and time again, it's saying too much."
Peppermint Magazine, Australia, 2013

"Hazel Dooney isn’t for everybody and that’s what I always liked about her."

Wired.com, USA, 2012

"Hazel Dooney grabs life by the shoulders and headbutts it...  She is utterly uncompromising."
The Zone, from The Age, Australia, 2010