Hazel Dooney

Style Section, New York Daily News, 3 June 2005

You don't have to skate if you want to grab a board for a good cause today at Milk Gallery
(450 W. 15th St., near 10th Ave). In fact, these skateboard decks are too interesting to
use in your search for the perfect concrete wave. Style Sessions and artist William Quigley
arranged for celebs - 50 Cent, Andy Dick, Shaquille O'Neal and Robin Williams among them
- to design boards to benefit nonprofit Boarding for Breast Cancer. B4BC's goal is to increase
awareness about the disease, the importance of early detection and the value of a healthy
lifestyle. Here, Clayton Janer checks out several boards, including ones by artists Stacy
Peralta (below, c.) and Hazel Dooney (seen in detail, r.). The one that looks like a TV test
pattern (l.) is an original Galinsky, dude.