Hazel Dooney
Hazel Dooney's work has been exhibited in the UK, USA, Japan and Australia. However, if you are interested in purchasing or commissioning a work, please contact the artist at dooneystudio@gmail.com.

Paintings are usually sold even before they are completed – most are commissioned – but they can sometimes be found through Menzies Art Brands in Sydney and Melbourne and Christie's in London. A limited number of works are available directly from the studio.

Hazel Dooney issues updates about upcoming exhibitions, auctions, and new works through Twitter.  Images of her studios' day-to-day activities and works-in-progress (as well as archival images of her early development as an artist) are posted at In The Studio. Videos of and by the artist can be viewed on YouTube.

Private collectors, curators, gallerists and other art professionals are invited to connect with her directly via email.

Postal mail can be sent to:

Dooney Studios
PO Box 56
Palm Beach
NSW 2108

Please note that Hazel Dooney and Dooney Studios cannot be held responsible for any items sent by mail, including their return.

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